October 19, 2022

thank you // PRF Campout 2022


poster by the one and only Chafe Hensley

1.)  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who have pre-ordered 'Leading Up To,' listened to "Unsilent," shared the links, and shown so much love. We know there is a ton of new music available, so it means the world that you would make time for our tunes. Again - thank you

2.) I wish I could say we had a list of hot tour dates to announce, but because of *gestures wildly* the only show we are playing this year is PRF CAMPOUT 2022 at beautiful Pretty Lake Camp in Mattawan, MI (@ 10 miles southwest of Kalamazoo). 

Our set will be Saturday, October 22 and there are Day Passes available (but please know that there are incredible bands playing throughout the weekend, as well as the PenRF: readings of original poetry/ fiction/ creative nonfiction). Most importantly - all proceeds go to Pretty Lake Camp to help make summer camp happen for kids who aren't otherwise able to afford it. 🌲

If you are interested in attending you can register, review vax requirements and find payment info at this handy link

All right, thanks again for your kindness. 🧡

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