May 14, 2024

get the lights

like many of you, news of Steve Albini's passing hit me hard last week. i had only interacted w him once or twice, but i was immediately struck by the thought of how different my life would look if he hadn't been around. besides his staggering body of work, Steve showed the complexity of being human & that it is never too late to change & grow.

last Friday i decided for my Weekly Beats song that i was gonna set up some mics, turn the amp up & hit record. this song is what came out. i added a vocal harmony & my good friend Gary Gahan sent over some beautiful atmospheric sax tracks Sunday morning.

i have just been posting my W.Beats songs on youtube, but decided to add this one on my jwh bandcamp as a "name your price" download. pls feel free to stream/ download. any funds that come in will be donated to Letters To Santa, an org that Steve cared about deeply. there is more info in the liner notes for this release.

*original photo of Brad and Steve by Jodi S.

my heart goes out to everyone hurting from this loss. 

May 08, 2024

FM Steve

life can move so quickly, my Darling. death can swoop in 
in a flash.
be present. love your people. experience your experience
fully & open-heartedly.
listen deeply.


“I hope when I die I go like John [Grabski], embroiled in the middle of things, surrounded by people I love, doing the things that matter most. I hope I leave a mountain of shit unfinished, that I have a pan on the stove, a phone call waiting and a pencil in my hand. I hope I'm man enough to be thinking about tomorrow.”

rest well, Steve Albini. ๐ŸŽˆ

photo by Brittany Sowacke

February 27, 2024

forestilke - cosmic danger (live at briarwood)

a live version of 'cosmic danger' from the Briarwood front room (02.04.2024) 
humbly submitted for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, 2024.


February 15, 2024

thundersnow 2024

i'm not making the trek this year, but Garth will be there holding it down. hope y'all have a blast this weekend & eat a pasty for me. big love to the U.P. crew ๐Ÿงก 

here's a pic from the very 1st Thundersnow way back in 2013:

January 18, 2024

January 08, 2024

Weekly Beats 2024

Weekly Beats 2024, week 1 - 'friday party' 

Several years back, our good friend Maurice told us about a weekly songwriting/ recording challenge he had been participating in called Weekly Beats. This is Emily's 6th year participating (!), and after seeing/hearing what a life-changing practice it has been for Em/ Maurice/ so many others, I decided to give it a go this year. I've got some loose ideas on how i want to approach it, but mostly just going to follow the inspiration & (try to) keep it simple so i don't burn myself out. ๐Ÿ•Š

I made a slow-mo video of me preparing & tracking the first song and i'll share that below. The video description also includes some gear/ process details if any of you fellow nerds are interested. I do want to shout out this beautiful guitar — a Century Guitars "Clydesdale" made by the guitar boss Chris Jury. This was an early xmas gift and i am absolutely in LOVE with this guitar.

*I'm planning to post a simple video each week to document the process, so feel free to follow my jwh youtube page if that's something that interests you. Ok!