April 01, 2022

peace // fallout

Hi Friends. For your consideration:

2 four-song "name your price" EPs, one from emily and one from jorsh. Proceeds are going to Keystone Moldova who are working to support Ukrainians with disabilities.

emily | мир

joshua wayne hensley | fallout & fire b/w hit reset*

*A cover of an R. Ring gem (Kelley Deal of The Breeders + Mike Montgomery of Ampline) backed with a reimagining of a song from Cobus Green. Plus solo acoustic versions of both that I recorded for BRW last night.

For more info or to donate directly to Keystone Moldova:

Peace & Love

*UPDATE 4/21/22: we were able to send an initial donation of $250, thanks to everyone who has contributed so far! We will be sending another donation early May.  

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