January 08, 2024

Weekly Beats 2024

Weekly Beats 2024, week 1 - 'friday party' 

Several years back, our good friend Maurice told us about a weekly songwriting/ recording challenge he had been participating in called Weekly Beats. This is Emily's 6th year participating (!), and after seeing/hearing what a life-changing practice it has been for Em/ Maurice/ so many others, I decided to give it a go this year. I've got some loose ideas on how i want to approach it, but mostly just going to follow the inspiration & (try to) keep it simple so i don't burn myself out. 🕊

I made a slow-mo video of me preparing & tracking the first song and i'll share that below. The video description also includes some gear/ process details if any of you fellow nerds are interested. I do want to shout out this beautiful guitar — a Century Guitars "Clydesdale" made by the guitar boss Chris Jury. This was an early xmas gift and i am absolutely in LOVE with this guitar.

*I'm planning to post a simple video each week to document the process, so feel free to follow my jwh youtube page if that's something that interests you. Ok!

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