March 17, 2023

Leading Up To in stores // Kreative Kontrol with Vish Khanna

Exciting update from Comedy Minus One:

Available digitally since the fall, today The Rutabega’s acclaimed album “Leading Up To” arrives in stores worldwide.

Featuring nine gorgeous new songs encased in a jacket with equally beautiful
 Jay Ryan artwork, “Leading Up To” is distributed around the globe by Redeye.

But a few of the international shops stocking this gem include 
Rough Trade (USA), Bull Moose (USA), Proper (UK), Juno (UK), Saturn (Germany), Schoolkids (USA), Plan 9 (USA) and Big Dipper (Norway).

If you’re more comfortable ordering direct from us,
 try our store for either orange or black vinyl variants. Compact discs and cassettes you can snag through Bandcamp.

For more on “Leading Up To,”
 this conversation
 between Josh & Garth from The Rutabega and Vish Khanna on the podcast Kreative Kontrol is highly recommended.


photo: Donny Stancato

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