February 09, 2023


got to hang out with the kiddos (urp, young adults!) yesterday evening. i am so proud of the kind, creative, compassionate, beautiful people they have grown to be. wild how life can suddenly grab you and pull things into focus.
Pac-Man came up randomly when we were catching up around the fire, and it reminded me of the song "pellets" that i wrote for Sage around 2005. we had gotten one of those plug-n-play deals that had a few Atari games loaded and Pac-Man was one of the only video games i was actually decent at playing. little Sage was excited to watch me play, but also kinda freaked out and anxious about the ghosts - especially when they would speed up and the music would *intensify*. we figured out how to make it less scary.
this world can be so frightening and intense. i hope we can continue to make it a less scary place. for all of us.

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