September 04, 2020

Fountains of Joshua Wayne

Fountains of Joshua Wayne is a 4 song solo EP I recorded in honor of Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne, Ivy, That Thing You Do, etc) who passed away on April 1, 2020 from complications related to COVID-19. It consists of 3 Fountains of Wayne covers as well as an original song, Poughkeepsie, that was inspired by Adam's music and life (based on my admittedly limited knowledge gleaned from interviews and podcasts).   

I'm not sure exactly why Adam's death hit me so hard, but I think at the time it made the pandemic seem that much more real and sinister to know it could take out a relatively young songwriter who was so full of life. 

I heard the first Fountains of Wayne album at the right time and instantly connected to the almost deliriously catchy melodies and lyrics that didn't take themselves too seriously. Thankfully none of these songs were as goofy as their later hit single which shall not be named. 

I have fond memories of driving around belting out Leave the Biker and Survival Car with my kiddos when they were younger. When I messaged them that I was working on this tribute, Sage responded with "Fountains of Joshua Wayne" and it was too perfect not to use. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these recordings. I put a lot into them and the process really helped me through these strange months of quarantine. I'll be donating a percentage of proceeds to the Sweet Relief Covid-19 Fund which provides assistance to musicians and music workers affected by the Coronavirus. 

Thank you for listening and for your time. If you would like to keep up with my solo adventures, please click FOLLOW on my Bandcamp page. And if you would like to purchase the EP, today is a great day to do it as it is Bandcamp Friday and this gracious company is waiving all their (perfectly reasonable) fees. 

 Love and hugs, 
 Joshua Wayne Hensley

July 04, 2020


Honored to have a solo song included on this PRF/BLM compilation. All 37 songs are yours for $10, and most importantly all funds will go to Brave Space Alliance and My Block, My Hood, My City - two amazing Chicago organizations working to dismantle white supremacy.


All artwork by Christopher Williams/Plastic Flame Press

May 11, 2020

9 years

The calendar tells me that yesterday was the 9th anniversary of our first show together. It was at Birdy's in Indianapolis w/ The Loom, Jared from Morrow, and Eric Radoux. It was a Tuesday and I'm pretty sure we both had to work the next morning. Anyway, how are you?

 *Jared Myers took this pic when we were making the Shaman video.

May 01, 2020

unreliable sketches

Hi Friends! The wonderful humans at Bandcamp are waiving their fees today, May 1st, 2020. At the prompting of the Label Overlord at Comedy Minus One (hi Jon!), we have decided to make public the sketches recorded for Unreliable Narrator. In honor of said Overlord, all proceeds for this "name your price" download will be donated to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.

Thank you to the absolute sweetheart Jay Ryan for the cover sketch.

*These recordings were originally included as a bonus item for the kind folks who pre-ordered the album proper in 2016. Thanks again for listening and supporting. We love you. 🖤

Unreliable Sketches can be found HERE

March 24, 2020

Love Is Like A Butterfly

written by the wonderful Dolly Parton. recorded 3/21/20 during self-quarantine. love and light to you and yours.

March 13, 2020


Hi Friends. We're very sad that our shows with Jennifer O'Connor have been canceled (hopefully just postponed), but the health of our vulnerable neighbors is more important than rock shows. We miss you and love you and hope you are well.

PS: We are A-OK, but this would be a great time to support artists who will be missing out on tour income. Listen to this incredibly beautiful song from Jennifer and consider showing some financial support if you are able.
*There are physical copies of several JOC albums available through the Kiam Records site.

March 07, 2020


Sweet Jacob. Rest well, Brother.

 I wasn't as close to you as a lot of our friends here, but I always loved seeing your shy smile and pulling you in for a big old sweaty/smokey hug. You would immediately shift the focus back to me when I asked how you were holding up. It was lovely to see the peace and sense of mission that you felt serving your friends. Shit, you chose to spend hours in the hot sun cooking for us rather than chilling inside watching your favorite bands play. But when you allowed yourself a set from a particular fave - that was something to behold. I could feel the waves of PURE JOY and RIGHTEOUS ANGER just rolling off of your gentle spirit. That heaviness both weighed you down and carried you farther than you thought you could go.

I hate that your brain wouldn't let you rest. I hate that you didn't have everything you needed to continue your journey here with us. But I'm so grateful for the time we had.

I love you and will continue to love you.