November 04, 2017

Chicago - 12.2.17

12.2.17 - Cafe Mustache (2313 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL)
w/ Nonagon | sewingneedle
8pm | 21+ | $5-10 suggested donation | RSVP
flyer by Nick Pyle

November 03, 2017

August 04, 2017

mid aughts mess

'mid aughts mess' is out now.

Lost solo EP, recorded circa 2004. Please note - this is pre-Garth material (although he did graciously provide mastering services). I decided to release it through the rutabega Bandcamp as at the time of recording the rutabega was just me.

I recently found a CDR w/ several songs I had recorded around the time of the cursed/blessed recordings. It was odd listening back to these songs that I had mostly forgotten about - bit of a gut-punch time travel to a pretty dark era for me.

When I saw that Bandcamp was donating 100% of their share of today's sales (8/4) to the Transgender Law Center I decided to get over myself and just put it out there. I will be donating 100% of my share of sales from this EP (ongoing) to TREES (Transgender Resource, Education & Enrichment Services) of Indiana.

Anyway, here it is. Thank you for listening.
cover photo by Emily Trimboli-Hensley (none of us are proud of this)

June 05, 2017

PRF BBQ 2017 - MKE!

1st Milwaukee PRF BBQ is going to be SOOOOO GOOD. Seriously. If you can make it, you should make it. 

6.7-11.17 - PRF BBQ 2017 (various locations, Milwaukee, WI) 
*our set is Sun, June 11 at 9pm at Club Garibaldi

^ Plastic Flame Press

May 11, 2017

5.29.17 | Seitz Summer Starter | SBI

5.29.17 - Seitz Park (East Race Waterway, South Bend, IN)
w/ OUT | Mint Mile | Infinite Buffalo
5-9pm | all-ages | FREE | RSVP
*to be moved to the General Deli & Cafe in case of inclement weather 

*original photo by Jeff Moody