June 24, 2016

Unreliable Narrator = OUT!

UNRELIABLE NARRATOR IS OFFICIALLY OUT! Mash HERE for info on how to purchase / listen / cuddle / etc.

Special thanks to Jon Solomon at Comedy Minus One for working with us on this record. We are huge fans of Jon / CMO and are honored to call him a friend and co-conspirator.

Want to also thank everyone who had a hand in this record, specifically: Emily Trimboli-Hensley, John Hastie of Nonagon (apologies for not listing you in the physical liner notes John, we are JERKS), John Barlow of The Columbines, Billie Howard & Brendan Finucane of The Paver, Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi, Jared Myers, Carl Saff, Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine, and Nathanael F Trimboli.

Thank you so much for listening and caring and being so supportive. Sweaty hugs to all of yous.

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